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Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

  • How much do the services cost?
    The IHS Services & Coverage cost $50 bi-weekly / $100 monthly / $1200 annually per term (1 Year).
  • What happens if I cancel mid-term?
    Each subscription runs for a year, and users are responsible for outstanding balances upon cancellation (see Section 9 of Terms).
  • Does IHS sub-contract to different Health Workers & Providers?
    No, for privacy & security reasons, IHS maintains the same staff, workers & partners.
  • Can my Beneficiaries keep their existing Doctor/Provider?
    Yes; though we work with an expansive network of providers, we are amenable to covering existing providers outside the network.
  • To what extent is data collected, used and protected?
    Please review Section 13 (Privacy & Security) of our Terms and also visit our Privacy Policy page.
  • Can Users list others besides parents as Beneficiaries?
    Yes, the term extends to all related parties. Consent is also requested from listed beneficiaries, as required by local laws.
  • Can Users list more than one Beneficiary?
    Yes, users can be ascribed as many Beneficiaries as payment affords.
  • Can Users replace a Beneficiary with another?
    Changes to Beneficiary coverage can only be made upon completion/expiration of term.
  • Are Beneficiaries still covered if outside their listed state/city?
    Yes, IHS coverage & services extend across all 37 states in Nigeria, and 47 counties in Kenya.
  • Are there Doctors within the group?
    Yes, our core team spans a diverse group of professionals including medical practitioner(s), health regulator(s), lawyer(s), etc.
  • Can Users/Beneficiaries identify their assigned person(s)?
    Yes, please review the About Us page for details on the core team. Also, Users are notified of assigned Health Worker(s), with subsequent emails signed off accordingly.
  • Are Health Workers certified?
    Yes, all assigned workers are trained, reviewed and certified/licensed by respective regulatory bodies.
  • Can Users get IHS full list of provider network?
    Users will be given a list of providers within the region of service requested; our expanded (full) list is proprietary.
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